About Magic Manicures

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Magic Manicures is a boutique nail spa offering bespoke, luxury, nail services from a venue in Aston Fields, Bromsgrove. Claire is a fully qualified and insured nail technician and Educator.


Claire offers a high quality relaxing service tailored to your requirements using only the best high end Harmony Gelish products.


Claire specialises in natural nail care, creating classic nails with Gelish “3 week” manicure gel polish and All That Jazz and Morgan Taylor traditional polish.


Claire is an expert, an Educator for the Georgie Smedley Group [Formally Nail Harmony UK] in Worcestershire and has worked behind the scenes at the X Factor for the last four years, doing nails for the live shows. Claire is qualified to deliver numerous nail services including Gelish, Gelish PolyGel, Gelish Dip, Gelish Soft Gel and teaches complete beginners through to advanced courses.  Courses include Manicure & Pedicure, Gelish Gel polish, Gelish Soft Gel, Gelish Polygel and Dip extensions & Design courses in both beginners and Harmony’s PhD lessons. Claire continues to receive internationally industry leading training from the best nail technician educators in the world at least twice a year.


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Claire specialises in creating a classic traditional manicure that enhances the natural beauty of your nails using the industry leading products from Gelish.

The health of the natural nail is of the upmost importance to Claire.  With this mind, every client receives a full free consultation prior to any services so that a manicure or pedicure to suit your life style is created.


Gelish Gel Polish

Gelish Gel polish is a soak off gel manicure or pedicure made to last up to three weeks.  The colour is then gently soaked off and a new colour applied. This service is suitable for all nail types and can be tailored to your needs.  Perfect for those that like a long lasting manicure with unbeatable shine.  Claire carries 250 colours and updates her collection with every season by purchasing the complete new collections as they are released.  As Claire is an Educator, her lucky clients often get to try out the new colours weeks before general release.


Gelish Soft Gel

The new system from Gelish.  Full tip enhancements available in a range of styles and lengths.  Fast to apply, infill once and then remove and have a new set.  Perfect matching enhancements in under 90 mins.


Gelish Dip

Gelish Dip can be used as a natural nail overlay for those clients who are very heavy handed and struggle to keep gel polish  on longer than a few days.  It can also be used to create extensions that will last two to three weeks.  At the end of this time, the Dip system is easily removed by gently soaking off.  Perfect for special events where a client doesn’t want the commitment of traditional extensions.


Gelish PolyGel

Gelish PolyGel is the new hybrid system that takes the strength of acrylic and the light weight feel and flexibility of a gel and merges it into one amazing product.  Its a file off system that is for those wanting to add strength and length to their nails. PolyGel isn’t removed every service, it’s a product that has to be infilled every two to three weeks.  You can wear it on its own or add a Gelish colour of your choice.


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If you wish to book or have any questions please  call 07785 188948 or email claire@magicmanicures.co.uk